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Two-in-one: bifunctional regulators synchronizing developmental events... Biology 2012
Hybrid Nanostructures for Energy Storage Applications Physics 2012
Theoretical Evidence of the Stabilization of an Unusual Four-Membered ... Chemistry 2012
Strength from weakness: The role of CH center dot center dot center do... Chemistry 2012
Excitation energy transfer from dye molecules to doped graphene Chemistry 2012
Ag@SiO2 Core-Shell Nanostructures: Distance-Dependent Plasmon Coupling... Chemistry 2012
Organization of Metal Nanoparticles for Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy:... Chemistry 2012
Optical effects near metal nanostructures: towards surface-enhanced sp... Chemistry 2012
Spherically symmetric Einstein-Maxwell theory and loop quantum gravity... Physics 2012
Flee or Fight: Ontogenetic Changes in the Behavior of Cobweb Spiders i... Biology 2012
Unusual photoresponse of indium doped ZnO/organic thin film heterojunction Physics 2012
One-step synthesis of ZnO nanosheets: a blue-white fluorophore Physics 2012
Strength from weakness: opportunistic CH center dot center dot center ... Chemistry 2012
Regioselectivity among six secondary hydroxyl groups: selective acylat... Chemistry 2012
Mutation Hot Spots in Yeast Caused by Long-Range Clustering of Homopol... Biology 2012
A PLETHORA-Auxin Transcription Module Controls Cell Division Plane Rot... Biology 2012
Monochromatic Progressions in Random Colorings Mathematics 2012
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Unusual Four-Membered Metallac... Chemistry 2012
Polyhedral Borane Analogues of the Benzynes and Beyond: Bonding in Var... Chemistry 2012
NMR and mu SR study of spin correlations in SrZnVO(PO4)(2): An S=1/2 f... Physics 2011
High sensitivity (1 ppm) hydrogen detection using an unconventional Pd... Physics 2011
Conformal Coating of Thin Polymer Electrolyte Layer on Nanostructured ... Physics 2011
Nucleic Acid G-quartets: Insights into Diverse Patterns and Optical Pr... Chemistry 2011
pi-Stacking interactions between G-quartets and circulenes: A computat... Chemistry 2011
Structures and electronic properties of silicene clusters: a promising... Chemistry 2011