भारतीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान कोट्टायम
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam
Dr. Panchami's Home Page

Dr. Panchami V

Assistant Professor (Adhoc)
Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam
C/o IISER - Thiruvananthapuram Transit campus,
Computer Science Building , CET, Engineering College (P.O)
Trivandrum - 695016, Kerala, India.
email: panchamam036 at iiitkottayam dot
Hello at: 00 91 04712778318

Honours and Achievements:

  • Best Teacher Award for the year (2015- 2016) –CSE, Toc H Institute of Science and Technology
  • Got NASSCOM award for the ‘Ladies Safety App’
  • Senior Research Fellowship by IISER-TVM (Ministry of Human Resource Development) - 2014
  • Secured 2 nd position for the paper presentation (CS/IT) in the Techno Cultural Fest Brahma held on 2013

  • Education:

    Ph.D, Information and Communication Engineering (Thesis submitted), Thesis titled: “An Efficent symmetric cipher for Mobile Devices to Ensure End to End Communication”, Anna University, Chennai, 2018
    M.Tech., Computer Science and Engineering, Govt. College of Engineering, Salem, Anna University,2009
    B.Tech., Information Technology, Kerala University, 2007

    Invited Talk/Sessions

    • "IP Security", at College of Engineering, Kidagoor, 2017
    • "An Introduction to Android", at College of Engineering, Kidagoor, 2015


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    • Panchami.V, Varghese Paul, A.Wahi. “A Fast Color Based Non linear 8 bit Pseudo-Random Number Generator Enabling Diffusion for Lightweight Cryptographic Applications”. Accepted in International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, 2016.
    • Panchami.V, Limy Sebastine. “Security and Privacy of Relational Data Using Access Control and Privacy Protection Mechanism”. ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. ISSN 1819-6608, Vol.10, No.9, May 2015.
    • Panchami.V, Susan Basil. “Attack Identification in a Cryptographic System using Dynamic Taint Propagation”. International Journal of Science and Engineering and Technology Research (IJSETR), Volume 4, Issue 4, April 2015
    • .
    • Panchami.V, Varghese Paul, A.Wahi. “A Fast Color Authentication Algorithm for Secure Mobile Computing”. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, ISSN 0973-4562, Vol.10 No.20 March 2015.
    • Panchami.V, Minta Thomas, “An Encryption Protocol for End-to-End Secure Transmission of SMS”. International conference on circuit, Power and Computing Technologies [ICCPCT], 978-1-4799-7074-2/15/$31.00, @IEEE, 2015.
    • Panchami.V, Varghese Paul, A.Wahi. “A new cryptographic Algorithm Based on UNICODE and RGB color model”. IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology eISSN: 2319-1163 | pISSN: 2321-7308, Volume 3, March 2014.
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    • Secured RSA Based on Central Dogma of DNA with Robust Hiding using Insertion Technique. Proceedings on National conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Application – 2013 11-15, February 2013. Published by Bonfring, ISBN 978-93-82338-29-1
    • Panchami.V, Fasila K.A, Sudhin Vamattam. “A Multilevel Security Scheme based on UNICODE and RGB Color Model using DNA Cryptography”. IJCA: International Journal Of Computer And Applications, Proceedings on Emerging Technology Trends on Advanced Engineering Research – 2012 ICETT (3):29-34, January 2013. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA. BibTeX. Digital Library URI: ISBN : 973-93-80872-01-9

    Professional Training/ Short term Course Attended:

    • Professional Certification on Information Security for the successful completion in “Ethical hacking and Cyber Forensics” on January 2016.
    • Successfully completed Diploma course in Applied Psychology (1 year) by NITTR, Chennai.
    • Successfully completed 1 week in –service training (16-06-2011 to 22-06-2011) on Faculty development programme conducted by Regional Telecom Training Center, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
    • Undergone Industrial Training in C-DIT from 31-08-2005 to 3-09-2005 and become familiar with software development, E-Governance etc.
    • Successfully completed Infosys Campus Connect Program “Train The Trainer Workshop On Mobile Application Development Using Android”.
    • Completed training in 2007.

    Research Interests:

    Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics
    Developing ANDROID Applications
    Database Design
    Neural Networks