भारतीय सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान कोट्टायम
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam


Designation Area of Interest Contact Information
RajanDr.M.P Rajan Professor(Adjunct professor from IISER,TVM)
Functional Analysis/Numerical Functional Analysis, Mathematical Finance/Financial Engineering, Parameter Identification in PDEs , Machine Learning, Data Science Research
Dr.Gopakumar G Assistant Professor
(Adjunct faculty from NIT Calicut)
Dr . Vennapusa Sivaranjana Reddy Dr .Vennapusa Sivaranjana Reddy Assistant Professor
(Adjunct faculty from IISER,TVM)
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Phone (Office) :
+91 (0) 471 - 2599650
Dr . Bikas Dr . Bikas C. Das
Assistant Professor
(Adjunct faculty from IISER,TVM)
Novel charge transfer composite nanomaterials based thin film device applications
Phone (Office) :
+91 (0) 471 - 2778071
ebin Dr.Ebin Deni Raj Assistant Professor(Adhoc) Online social network analysis, Big Data analytics, Sentimental analysis, Social media analytics, Machine learning, Data Science, Social computing.
ChitraDr. Chitra M T Assistant Professor(Adhoc) Object Oriented Behavioral Modeling Design and Analysis
Software Engineering
Principles of Programming
Graph Theory
Data Mining
dr.bendict Dr. SHAJULIN BENEDICT Assistant Professor(Adhoc) Cloud Computing, IoT, Supercomputers, Tools, Parallel Compilers
dr.sasi Dr. Sasikumaran Sreedharan Assistant Professor (Adjunct faculty) Real time systems,
Software quality,
Sensor networks and Quality & Education management
dr.sasi Dr. C. Rajan Assistant Professor(Adhoc) Digital signal and image processing,
Global positioning systems and statistical algorithms.

dr.bini Dr. Bini A. A Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Applied Electromagnetics
dr.s_vinayakumar Dr. S. Vinaya Kumar Assistant Professor (Adjunct faculty)
Dr.Guram Dr . Guram Donadze Assistant Professor (Adjunct faculty from IISER,Tvm) Homological Algebra, Commutative Algebra
Dr . Viji Z. Thomas Dr . Viji Z. Thomas Assistant Professor (Adjunct faculty from IISER,Tvm) Group theory, Commutative Algebra and Homological Algebra.
Dr.P Devaraj Dr.P Devaraj Associate Professor (Adjunct faculty from IISER,Tvm) Harmonic Analysis Sampling and Reconstruction Wavelet Analysis Applied Cryptography
Dr. Antony Palackal Dr. Antony Palackal Assistant Professor (Adjunct faculty) Sociology of Science and Development, Social Movements, Cultural dynamics and Gender and Society.
Dr. Shri. Renjith P Dr. Renjith P Assistant Professor (Adhoc faculty) Graph Theory, Design and Analysis of Graph Algoritms
Dr. Bakkiyaraj  Thankarasu Dr. Bakkiyaraj Thankarasu Assistant Professor (Adhoc faculty) Nonlinear Differential Equations